About Us

A synoptic outline of the Company

ee R.K Power is a premier generator hiring company in Kolkata, West Bengal. As the name suggests, we are the leading provider of all power you need. There is a composite range of generators from 25 kilo-volt-ampere to 1000 kilo-volt-ampere. The main function of the company is to provide diesel generator sets on hire. Buttressed by an efficient technical team, the company is on the cutting edge of trends and provides quality service without a hassle. Since 1998, R K Power has installed several thousands We have an experience of more than two decades in the sphere of hiring diesel generator sets and have excelled

in the profession by establishing marketing lines. R.K Power has developed a strong reputation for providing efficient and reliable services from the base. The company maintains an excellent record of clients from a wide spectrum of national markets, both local and national. R.K Power also plans to invest in the building of equipment. We provide highly innovative, reliable generators and we provide full 24*7 support.

Company Mission

R.K Power aims to set a quintessential mark in the domain of technology. The company has a dedicated professional team of engineers and technicians. It ensures quality performance and an extraordinary service to its customers.

Company Vision

R.K Power envisages a glorious path for the building of their line. The company believes that Service should be an ongoing process. It has the capacity to provide efficient solutions to a large audience. We have an independent engineers and technicians working to improve our Services.